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Ashrad Sketch Pads & Sketch Paper

The origin of “cartridge” paper is thought to have been associated with the manufacture of ammunition. To load a musket, the soldier took a paper cartridge, tore open the powder end with his teeth, and poured this down the barrel. He would then place the ball of lead into the barrel, put the wadding from the package on top, take the ramrod and pack the powder, the ball and the wadding into the barrel. The wadding was there to make sure that the ball and gunpowder stayed put.
Another suggestion is the first known use of “cartridge” paper was from around 600AD. Rather than using bulky bamboo stems, Chinese firecracker makers began filling paper tubes with gunpowder and inserting fuses made from tissue paper with a trail of gunpowder inside. Ashrad Sketch Pads and Sketch Papers are a premium grade, acid-free, rough cartridge paper, available in 120g and 200g weights. The sketch pads are available as flat bound or spiral bound.
Manufactured with the right amount of "tooth", they are suitable for a wide range of creative art styles; drawing, sketching and mixed media.

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