Drawing & Sketching

Canson Colorline®

The new Colorline® colour papers are universal and economic. They are ideal for almost any situation and are suitable for day to day use. They adapt well to heavy work, and being double sided, they are also suitable for sketching and drawing. The smooth side is ideal for felt and marker pens whilst the lightly grained side is good for pencil, charcoal and pastels. This even grain and texture add to the sensation of depth and make it resistant to rubbing out and scratching. In keeping with the range’s name, the available pallet of colours is the largest for its category; thirty vivid and contemporary colours make up the range, all pulp-dyed giving them a remarkable homogeneity. The qualitative longevity is in line with the   ISO 9706 standard.

Features & Unique Attributes:
•    100% Cellulose fibres
•    Fine grain, double sided surface
•    Available in assorted colours, metallic and fluorescent
•    Suitable for drawing and art and craft applications
•    For use by amateurs, students, schools, art and craft users
•    Affordable drawing paper

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