Drawing & Sketching

Conté Graphite Lead

Conté's Graphite Leads are a superb choice for any artist looking for a smooth drawing lead that offers a smooth application and consistent deep tone in the softer grades. This is an entire pencil made out of lead, and is available in a selection of grades ranging from HB to 6B, these graphite leads are perfect for drawing and sketching, outlining a drawing before painting, comic book work and many other applications.
As they are not cased with a wooden body, this allows you to use the entire pencil for your drawing with much less waste than if you were using an ordinary drawing pencil. It is also coated with a thin coating to stop your fingers getting grubby!

Recommended For:
Detailed and accurate work weather this is constructing a sophisticated perspective, a comic strip character or a nude of irreproachable construction.

Whether novice or expert, the user can use a wide range of graduation: with the “H” to “3H” lead to construct the drawing, then highlight the most contrasted values by using the “B” to “6B”. In the intermediate phases, it is advisable to use the eraser to shade off.

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