Charbonnel Aqua Wash

• Water-washable oil-based emulsion
• Hands and materials can be washed with soap and water
• High pigment concentration (comparable with standard inks)
• Extremely lightfast
• All the colours can be intermixed
• Viscous and easy to wipe
• Can be used with paper that is less damp than required for standard etching ink
• Same drying times as standard inks
• Will not soften when dry

Product Use/Application:
Ink is applied directly to a previously etched plate. These inks behave in a very similar way to standard inks with regards to hardness, suppleness, tack and viscosity.

The ink softens rapidly when blended, when fluid it adheres perfectly to all the grooves and burrs of the plates and is very easy to wipe.

Black is the most commonly used ink. This is why the etching ink colour chart has 7 blacks.

Tools must be cleaned at each stage in the printing process: the plate, colour roller, press table, work surface and naturally… your hands!  

Traditionally oily inks that use unprocessed or boiled linseed oil are not intrinsically toxic, but cleaning the working environment involves the use of solvents (white spirit, solvent-based products, etc.).  Charbonnel Aqua Wash can be cleaned using soapy water as it uses water-soluble emulsion oils. It does not contain water, so it will not rust the tools or plates (however they must be thoroughly wiped after being washed).

Colours Available:
The colour chart has 17 colours and 7 blacks which are familiar to the printer. (See Etching Inks for full description on the Blacks)

NB. Prussian Blue and Emerald Green have a mineral pigment base and tend to bleed more easily in wet paper. These 2 colours cross the paper more easily and must be avoided when printing fine art books (bibliography).

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