Charbonnel Oil Gold Size - 12 hour

Unique Product Attributes:    
• Charbonnel Oil Gold Size is used for some of the most prestigious gilding jobs worldwide.     
  Universally acclaimed, Oil Gold Size is especially suitable for industrial use or for large scale restoration work.
  The dome of the Palais des Invalides in Paris and the flame of the Statue of Liberty in New York, have been gilded with Charbonnel Oil Gold Size.
• The 12-hour Gold Size is lead-free and allows for the most permanent gilding on wood, metal, and plaster.
• Oil-based and formulated to achieve the optimum brilliance and lustre for gilding applications.
• May be used for both interior and exterior gilding projects.
• Superior levelling properties and most predictable characteristics.

Application Features:
Suitable for all projects requiring a longer open time for gilding. It reaches tack in 12-14 hours and will remain open for gilding for 8-12 hours. Charbonnel 12-hour Gold Size requires one month to cure fully before sealing or glazing. Until fully cured, the gilding surface is fragile and should be protected from harm.

This oil-based glue (or size) is heated in a closed container according to an exclusive formulation and is subjected to a multitude of filtering and decanting operations. Always stir well before use as the driers in Charbonnel Gold Size settle to the bottom of the container and must be stirred to produce a blended product.  Never shake a can to mix it as it may aerate the oil size and cause minute air bubbles to appear during application.

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