Conté Sanguine Sketching Pencils

For sketches as well as complete, finished works.

It has a deep ‘rust’ colour, and its dry line can be shaded off easily. With sharpened lead: accurate lines, the colour is transparent if the work is lightly sketched and the iron red pencil allows the texture of paper to be seen. With a half used lead: its opacity increases with the pressure used.

Recommended For:
Nudes: its tint is reminiscent of skin colour highlighted with white. Shading off allows you to work on forms. For a perspective: The “rust” colour faithfully reproduces the appearance of a brick façade.

Iron red is frequently used in drawing to sketch the body. For more detailed work, it is advisable to add black stone to emphasize the contrasts and to use the white pencil to highlight the areas of light on the body.

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